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Bee Crafts & Activities for Kids

Bee Crafts & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Bee Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Bees are significant in prosperity and riches, hence they are regarded as a positive omen. Bees are supposed to live by the saying “work hard, work together.” Children should be taught how a colony of bees functions as a whole. We offer you some extremely easy, simple, and adorable art and craft projects for your children. These may be used for crafts and home design projects as well as for school. Let’s explore a few.

Bee Crafts & Activities for Kids

Bee Crafts & Activities for Kids

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1-Love Bee

Bring a sheet of paper that is black, white, and yellow, a black and red marker, scissors, and glue. Cut 2 antenna hearts from black, 2 hearts from white, 2 hearts from yellow, and 2 antenna hearts from black. Alternately place hearts in yellow and black. Then, add white hearts as the wings. Use the two antennae on its head as well. Make the lips and eyes using the marker. Your adorably beautiful love bee is prepared.

Love Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: K4Craft

2-Heart Bumble Bee

You’ll need a compass, scissors, glue, white, black, and yellow paper. Cut the white paper into a heart shape. Make a symmetrical fold using it. Draw a circle on the yellow paper with a compass before tracing the end of the white line. Create the bee’s eyes, antenna, and black stripes. To give it a cute appearance, you may add a smile using a maker.

Heart Bumble Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: K4Craft

3-Toilet Roll Bee

Take a white sheet, googly eyes, paint, a paintbrush, and a toilet paper roll. The roll should be painted yellow, and from the sheet you should cut a circle and some wings. Cover the roll of material with thread so it resembles stripes. You may use a black sheet stripe as an antenna. Glue every component to the roll. This may be used as a pen stand or simply for décor.

Toilet Roll Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

4-Bee Hanging

You will need glue, ribbon, scissors, a black marker, and some yellow and black. Give your child liberty to scribble on the yellow paper. and then shape it like a bee. Fold the black paper into a fan. For its sting, cut a triangle out of the black sheet. As wings, attach the fan fold. Draw a face on it with a marker, thread a ribbon through a hole, and hang it anywhere you choose.

Bee Hanging

Image Source/ Tutorial: notimeforflashcards

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5-Boo Boo Bee Gone

Children are so prone to injury, so how can you keep them from yelling out in pain? Permit them to decorate their bandage. Create stripes on the bandage using sketch pens or markers in black and yellow. You may draw a sweet grin on it using a marker.

Boo Boo Bee Gone

Image Source/ Tutorial: theottoolbox

6-Spoon Bee

Grab a white sheet, a yellow paintbrush, a wooden or plastic spoon, some marker, glue, and scissors. Make the entire spoon yellow. Draw tripes and the bee’s face on the spoon using a marker. Use the white piece of paper to create wings. then attach it to the spoon’s back.

Spoon Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

7-Round Bee

Take a piece of yellow paper, draw a circle on it with a compass, then carefully cut it out. Then cut the antenna, sting, and eyes from black paper in stripes. And create eyes and wings using a white sheet. Use glue to attach each component to the whole. This bee may be used to decorate a space. This will resemble a mask if there is room left for eyes.

Round Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: kidslovewhat

8-Paper Plate Bee

Use yellow paint to paint paper plates. Dry it out. The bee’s stripes are then drawn using black paint. For the antenna, use pom poms and black paper. Give your bee a goofy appearance by adding crazy eyes. Your fingertips may be used to create the bee’s stripes to give it a unique touch.

Paper Plate Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: Non-Toy Gifts

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9-Be Sticks

The following materials are required: foam eggs, glue, paint, brushes, pipe cleaners, cutters, googly eyes, plastic spoons, and wooden sticks. the foam egg with yellow paint. And then apply the stick to it. To create stripes and antenna on the egg, wrap the pipe cleaner around it. The wings may be created with a spoon. Make lips with a marker and add googly eyes.

Be Sticks

Image Source/ Tutorial: Redhead Can Decorate

10-Pista Bee

Do your children enjoy pistachios? If so, this is the one for you. We are going to create bees using the pistachio nails. Let the nails dry after painting them yellow. Then add black eyeballs and stripes to it. You must cut out white paper wings and attach them on the nails. Your little bees are prepared.

Pista Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: Crafts 4 Toddlers

11-Bee Hive

In this child very clearly needs parental supervision. Paint a can yellow using a paintbrush. Then use black paint to create stripes on it. Make two holes on either end of the can using a needle and hammer. Put some strings on it and tie them. Put the pieces of bamboo in the can. Your artificial bee hive is prepared.

Bee Hive

Image Source/ Tutorial: Natural Beach Living

12-Bubble Wrap Bee Hive

You will need yellow paint, a paintbrush, bubble wrap, a white sheet of paper, scissors, and a compass for this exercise. Before the bubble wrap dries, print it on a white sheet by painting it yellow. With a compass, create a circle. And use scissors to properly cut it. Your bee hive in bubble wrap is prepared.

Bubble Wrap Bee Hive

Image Source/ Tutorial: From ABCs To ACTs

13-Marshmallow Stamp

Squeeze a marshmallow from between after painting it yellow. After you stamp it on paper, you may use a marker to add stripes, eyes, and wings. Put a smile on the bee’s face. This may be used to make a lovely scene on the paper.


Marshmallow Stamp

Image Source/ Tutorial: The Pinterested Parent

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14-Pebble Bee

Take a pebble; the smoother it is, the easier it will be for you to paint on. The stone is then painted yellow using a paintbrush. After letting it dry, paint the pebble with black paint to add stripes and eyes. To add wings to it, paint it white or sky blue.

Pebble Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

15-Paper Chain Bee

Take two paper strips. One each in black and yellow. By maintaining a 90-degree angle and folding it one over the other until you reach the end, make it similar to how we used to make roses. The chain’s endpoints should then each have a face and a sting. On the center link of the chain, wings can be attached. Your bee is prepared.

Paper Chain Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

16-Oval Paper Bee

Take a blank sheet of paper, some paint, a paintbrush, scissors, glue, googly eyes, a marker, a pipe cleaner, and some tape. On the white sheet, draw an oval. Color it yellow, and add stripes with black paint. Create wings, eyes, and stingers, then attach them to the body. On the bee’s face, use a black marker to draw a mouth. The black pipe cleaner should be folded in half and taped to the rear of the bee’s head to create antennae. Your bee craft is finished.

Oval Paper Bee

Image Source/ Tutorial: Fireflies And Mudpies

17-Potato Masher Craft

Place the potato masher on the paper after dipping it in yellow paint. Then attach white paper sheet wings and googly eyes. Use black paint to create stripes and stings on the dry yellow paint. Your art is ready.

Potato Masher Craft

Image Source/ Tutorial: Happy Toddler Playtime

We hope you enjoyed our interesting, attractive, and entertaining activities. Please do let us know what you think in the comments area. Don’t forget to look at our articles as well. Soon, we’ll be back with more entertaining articles, as well as a variety of art and activities

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