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Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings


Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

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Optical illusion, have you ever heard this term? First, just go through these pictures and give a 1-minute focus to each image and try to perceive what these images look like. Yes, exactly too many different forms of one particular image might be perceived by your brain. So let me define the term optical illusion now.

Optical illusion drawings are drawing that may be perceived by your eyes and Brain differently. These are different types of drawing that are very easy to draw but your eyes and brain perceive them in different ways so we don’t come to any conclusion about what the image is in actuality. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of learn-to-make optical illusion drawings like chimera, hypnotize, mirage, and hallucinating flowers.

Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

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Chimera, Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

This drawing is awesome. Just watching it for a few minutes, create too many images in your mind. It seems like too many curtains are drawn in a room. Drawing these slanting lines created this chimera. Try to draw this one.


Hypnotize, Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

This one is hypnotizing. Just try to stare at the center of the image. Sometimes I found that it looked like an erupting volcano. Do tell us in the comment section what image was created in your mind for this drawing. It’s easy to draw. These curved lines have done a good job together.


Mirage Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

This one is much similar to the 1st image. The only difference is in the main outline.1st image had a square outline but this one is having a triangular outline. The slanting lines are the same but in different directions.

Hallucinating Flower

Hallucinating Flower Learn to Make Optical Illusion Drawings

This image sometimes seems rotating but sometimes it looks static. The flower drawn inside the circular outline is quite attractive. The combination of horizontal and vertical lines with some twists and turns resulted in such an impressive drawing.

All the images shown above are so tricky that our eyes and brains get confused to perceive them properly. Try to draw these images using black sketch pens. Try to create your optical illusion by making certain lines of different patterns. Do share with us your ideas for drawing more such drawings.

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