DIY Inspiration

3D Paper Fruits Craft Tutorial

Material Required:

– Cardboard – Colored Papers – Glue – Scissors – Pencil – Black Marker

Step  1

Taking A Yellow Sheet 

Step  2

Drawing A Pear Using A Pencil

Step  3

Cutting The Pear From The Paper Using Scissors

Step  4

Pasting The Top Edges Of The Pear Using Glue

Step  5

After Pasting, Your Pear Should Look Like This

Step  6

Making Stem And Leaf

Step  7

Making Apple Using Red Paper

Step  8

Pasting The Edges Of The Apple Using Glue

Step  9

Pasting The Stem On The Top Of The Apple

Step  10

Now, Pasting The Leaf On The Top Of The Apple

Step  11

Drawing A Plate On Cardboard Using A Black Marker

Step  12

Cutting Out The Plate From Cardboard

Step  13

Spreading Some Glue On The Cardboard Plate

Step  14

Pasting The Paper Fruits On The Cardboard

Final Step

Your 3d Paper Fruits Are Ready!

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