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Blue Paper Sunflower Craft

Material Required:

Different Color Craft Papers Scissors Glue Cardboard piece Pencil

Step  1

Let’s start making this amazing flower craft by taking a blue craft paper.

Creating a Beautiful Blue Flower Craft

Step  2

Fold that blue paper in a zig-zag pattern as shown above.

Creating a Zig-Zag Pattern with Blue Paper 

Step  3

Fold the paper as shown in the above image.

Folding Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step  4

Open the paper and cut it into a circular shape using scissors to obtain a shape like the one.

Creating a Circular Shape with Scissors and Paper

Step  5

Now, take the two ends of the folded paper & stick them together using glue.

Creating a Perfect Circle with Paper and Glue

Step  6

Now, take a cardboard piece and cut out a circle from it. Stick that circle on the flower.

Flower Decoration with Cardboard and a Pencil 

Step  7

Next, roll a green craft paper into a pipe shape and stick it beneath the flower that we’ve just made.

Creating a Flower with an Easy Craft Paper Stem

Step  8

Now, take a piece of green craft paper and cut a leaf shape from it. Fold that leaf shape horizontally from between.

Creating a Leaf Out of Green Craft Paper 

Step  9

Now, make creases on that folded leaf to make it look 3-D.

Creating a 3-D Leaf with Folding

Step  10

Your final leaf would look something like this. Make one more such leaf.

Creating a Leaf – One More to Go!

Step  10

Paste the two leaves using glue on the back side of the stem.

Gluing Leaves to a Stem

Step  11

Your beautiful sunflower craft is ready to be shown to others!  It’s an amazing craft that takes minimal effort and looks great.

Beautiful Blue Sunflower Craft with Minimal Effort! 

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