DIY Inspiration

Colorful Trees Painting

Material Required:

Cotton Ear Buds A4 Size Sheet Tooth Brush Different Water Colors Wooden stick with circular top Paint Brush

Step  1

Drawing some green lines of different lengths using a paintbrush for the stem of the trees.

Creating a Painting with Green Lines

Step  2

Dip the cotton bud into the diluted watercolor and start painting dots, one by one, for the leaves/flowers of the tree.

Creating a Floral Tree with Watercolor Dots

Step  3

Repeat the previous step using different watercolors and a fresh cotton bud for the next tree.

Creating Vibrant Trees with Watercolors

Step  4

Take a toothbrush and dip it into green watercolor and start brushing it from bottom to top to draw grass.

Creating a Pretty Landscape 

Step  5

Complete the grass part carefully by brushing from bottom to top.

Brushing Grass from Bottom to Top

Step  6

Now, take a wooden stick with a rounded top and dip it in blue color for creating clouds.

Creating Clouds with a Wooden Stick 

Step  7

Add some more clouds to fill the gaps and better detailing.

Improving Cloud Detailing

Step  8

Take a fresh cotton bud and dip it in pink color and start making some dots around the trees.

Decorating with Pink Dots

Step  9

Your colorful tree painting is now ready to be showcased. You can either frame it or laminate it.

Finally, A Colorful Tree Painting is Ready!

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