DIY Inspiration

Easy Paper Bunny Craft

Material Required:

– Colored Sheets(Pink, White,    Black) – Scissors & Tape – Black Marker & Glue – Glue & Pencil – Bottle Cap

Step  1

Drawing A Circle With The Help Of Tape

Step  2

Drawing Another Circle

Step  3

Drawing Two Small Circles Inside the Larger Circle

Step  4

Cutting The Two Big Circles

Step  5

Cutting The Two Smaller Circles

Step  6

Pasting The Two Circles

Step  7

Pasting Two Pink Circles

Step  8

Making The Feet Of The Bunny

Step  9

Making Ears Of The Bunny

Step  10

Pasting The Ears On The Bunny

Step  11

Making Eyes of The Bunny

Step  12

Drawing The Nose And Outlining The Eyes

Final Step

Yay! This Is The Final Look Of Our Cute Paper Bunny!

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