DIY Inspiration

Paper Umbrella          Craft

Material Required:

-Papers Of Various Colours -Glue Stick Or OtherAdhesive - Scissors -Markers Of Various Colours -A White Coloured Sheet Of   Paper

Step  1

Taking a Piece Of Paper And Give It a Fold

Step  2

Folding It Again

Step  3

Opening The Folds

Step  4

Folding The Whole Design From The Middle

Step  5

Securing The Mid Portion Using The Adhesive

Step  6

Taking The Paper And Draw Umbrella Handles

Step  7

Drawing The Hands And Legs Of The Ant

Step  8

Creating More And More Handles On The Paper

Step  9

Pasting More And More Cutouts!

Step  10

Drawing Droplets Using Different Colours

 Final Step 

And Your Monsoon Craft Is Done !!!

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