DIY Inspiration

Easy Tree & Butterfly Art

Material Required:

Green and brown leaves Black Marker pen Brown pencil Glue White A4 sheet

Step  1

Let’s start this craft by collecting a few fallen leaves from your garden. Take 2 big leaves as well for making butterfly.

Leaf Crafting Fun in the Garden!

Step  2

Stick the leaves on the A4 sheet using glue together. So, that they form the upper part of the tree.

Creating a Tree with Glue and Leaves

Step  3

Now, draw the trunk of the tree using a brown pencil color. First, draw the outlines and then fill in the brown color by shading.

Drawing a Tree Trunk with a Brown Pencil

Step  4

Stick 2 leaves on both sides of the tree in the gaps so that they look like falling on the ground.

Leaves Falling on the Ground

Step  5

Take a brown leaf & stick it near the leaves of the tree for the butterfly’s body, & after that stick two wings .

Creating a Butterfly with Leaves 

Step  6

Draw antennae on the head of both the butterfly using a black marker pen.

Creating a Pair of Butterflies with Antennae

Step  7

Your pretty tree & butterfly craft is ready to be showcased. You can use your own creativity & add more things using leaves.

Pretty Tree & Butterfly Craft is Ready!

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