DIY Inspiration

Egg Carton Pigs            Craft

Material Required:

-Empty Egg Carton -Scissors -Sketch Pens -Watercolors -Colored sheets(Green, White,Black) -Glue

Step  1

Drawing a Circle On The Egg Carton

Step  2

Cutting Shapes

Step  3

Taking Both Shapes Out

Step  4

Cutting One Of The Shapes

Step  5

Painting The Cutouts

Step  6

Pasting The Cutouts

Step  7

Pasting The Other Cutouts

Step  8

Drawing Hands And Legs Using A Marker

Step  9

Adding Eyes To The Pigs’ Face

Step  10

Adding Nose, Blush, And A Smile!

Step  11

Adding Other Details On The Garden

Final Step 

Hurray! Egg Carton Pigs Craft Is Ready

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