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Recycled Flower Pot Craft 

Material Required:

Paper Cup Scissors Green Craft Paper Black Chart Paper Glue An Orange Knife Green Thread Ball

Step  1

Let’s start this craft by taking an orange and a black chart paper.

Creating a Craft with an Orange & Black Paper

Step  2

Remove the orange and keep the peel.

Peeling Away the Orange

Step  3

Separate the peel pieces apart as they will become the petals of the flower.

Creating a Flower: Peeling the Petals

Step  4

Make curved cuts at one side of all the peels as shown above.

Creating Curved Cuts in Peels

Step  5

Please take all the pieces and arrange them in a similar manner. They will look like two flowers, stick them on the paper.

Creating a Two-Flowered Creation

Step  6

Now, take the green thread balls and stick them in the center of both flowers using glue.

Adding Green Thread Balls

Step  7

Take a piece of green craft paper and cut two stems .

Crafting a Green Stem for Flowers

Step  8

Now, take a paper cup and cut it into half using scissors. Take any colorful paper cup of your choice.

Creating a Craft with a Paper Cup

Step  9

Take two more orange peels, and stick them on the stems of the flowers for the leaves part.

Adding Orange Peels to Create Floral Leaves

Step  10

This is a unique craft with orange peels in it which look really cool as the petals of the flower & the paper cups.

Make a  Craft with Orange Peels & Paper Cups

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