DIY Inspiration

        Foam Net  Pineapple Craft

Material Required:

- Foam Net - Cardboard - Construction Papers - Scissors - Double Side Tape - Glue

Step  1

Drawing Pineapple Shape On Foam Net

Step  2

Cutting Pineapple Shape Out Of Foam Net

Step  3

Applying Double Side Tape

Step  4

Pasting Pineapple On Cardboard

Step  5

Folding Green Rectangle Paper In Half

Step  6

 Cutting Leaf Out of Green  Paper

Step  7

 Unfolding Leaf

Step  8

Pasting Leaf On Top of Pineapple

Step  9

Making Eyes Of Pineapple

Step  10

Adding Smile On Pineapple

Step  11

 Pasting Cheeks

 Final Step 

Foam Net Pineapple Craft Is Ready!

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