DIY Inspiration

Fruit Craft Using Leaves

Material Required:

Different Colored Leaves A4 size sheet Glue Marker pens (Red, Brown, Black & White) Scissors

Step  1

Cut out an apple shape from a leaf, and stick it on a white A4 sheet using glue.

Creating Crafty Apple Art with an A4 Sheet

Step  2

Draw a pineapple shape on a yellow leaf & cut that using scissors. Stick it on the paper alongside the apple, at some gap,.

Creating a Pineapple Leaf 

Step  3

Take a bright yellow colored leaf and cut out a pear shape from it.

Creating a Pear with a Yellow Leaf

Step  4

we will make the leaf part above the fruits. For this, you need to take green leaves and cut 3 different shapes.

Creating the Leaf Part Above the Fruits

Step  5

Now, take a brown pen to draw a little stem over the fruits. Do this for the apple and pear.

Drawing a Little Stem on Fruits

Step  6

Stick the eyes and the mouth of the apple using glue.

Creating a Decorative Apple with Glue

Step  7

Now comes the part of the hands and legs of the apple, draw narrow lines for the legs and hand using a black marker pen.

Drawing Small Eyebrows

Step  8

For pineapple, draw a sunglass instead of eyes to make it look funky. For pear, draw eyelashes over the eyes & add some blush.

Funky Pineapple & Cute Pear

Step  9

Your craft is ready to be shown to others. This cute craft is so adorable as it can truly enhance the beauty of your wall.

Creating Funky and Cute Fruit Faces Craft Is Ready!

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