DIY Inspiration

Girl Swing On Tree Leaf Craft

Material Required:

– Dried Leaves – Black Sketch Pen – White Sheet – A Cardboard – Glue – Scissors or Paper Cutter – Tape

Step  1

Making The Trunk Of The Tree

Step  2

Spreading Glue On Sheet

Step  3

Making The Leaves Of The Tree

Step  4

Taking A Fallen Leaf To Make The Girl

Step  5

Making The Girl From a Leaf

Step  6

Cutting The Girl’s Outline From The Leaf 

Step  7

Making The Face Of The Girl On A White Sheet

Step  8

Making The Swing Attached To The Tree

Step  9

Making The Arms Of The Girl

Step  10

Making The Legs Of The Girl 

Step  11

Pasting Some Dried Leaves On The Sheet

Final Step

Girl Swing Craft Is Ready!

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