DIY Inspiration

Green Leaf Frog Craft 

Material Required:

– Leaves – Scissors – Glue – Cardboard – Yellow CrayonColored Papers – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Making Frog Using Green Leaf

Step  2

Making Eyes Of The Frog

Step  3

Cutting The Leaf In The Shape Of A Circle 

Step  4

Taking The Bigger Leaf We Cut Before

Step  5

Pasting The Eyes On Each Side Of The Face

Step  6

Cutting Two White Circles And Pasting

Step  7

Cutting Two Black Circles And Pasting

Step  8

Cutting Two Circles From A Red Leaf And Pasting

Step  9

Cutting A Crown Shape And Pasting At Frog's Head

Step  10

Making The Frog Smile Using A Black Marker

Final Step

Cute Green Leaf Frog Craft Is Here!

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