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Flower Craft With Corn Seeds

Material Required:

Corn Seeds Ready-made Artificial Stem With Leaves Yellow Craft Paper Glue & Scissors Brown Pulses Sky Blue Chart Paper Stripe like Leaves

Step  1

Let’s start making this awesome craft by collecting some dry corn seeds on sky-blue chart paper.

Creating a Craft with Dry Corn Seeds and Sky-Blue Chart Paper

Step  2

Now, apply some glue on a circular yellow craft paper using a glue gun.

Creating a Craft Project with a Glue Gun and Yellow Paper

Step  3

Now, one by one start sticking the corn seeds on that yellow paper in a circular manner.

Creating a Corn Seed Mandala

Step  4

Make one more circular layer of corn seeds and stick some brown pulses in the center of the flower.

Creating a Flower of Corn and Pulses

Step  5

Make 5-6 flowers in a similar manner as above. Your craft will start looking like the image above.

Crafting a Bouquet of Flowers

Step  6

Next, take the artificial stems and connect them to the flowers as shown above.

Connecting Artificial Stems to Flowers

Step  7

Take the stripe-like leaves and stick them to two of the flowers  for a natural-looking craft.

Creating a Craft with Stripe-Like Leaves and Flowers

Step  8

It is unique as it has real corn and leaves which makes the craft look natural and appealing.

Impress Your Friends with Your Creative Flower Craft!

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