DIY Inspiration

Recycled Leaf Craft

Material Required:

-Leaves Of Different Shapes -A Pair Of Scissors -Any Glue/Sewing Thread & Needle  -A Black Marker -Colored Sheet Of Paper(Black &    White)

Step  1

Creating a Crease And Cut The Leaf Accordingly

Step  2

Giving Proper Finishing Cuts

Step  3

Pasting Small Circular Leaves On The Top

Step  4

Pasting a Leaf Vertically In The Middle

Step  5

Pasting Another Leaf Horizontally

Step  6

Adding Eyes So That The Monkey Can See!

Step  7

Making a Smiling Face Using a Marker

Step  8

Pasting The Petioles As The Hands And Legs Of Our Mischievous Monkey!

Final Step

Finally, The Beautiful Leaf Monkey Craft You Just Made !!

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