DIY Inspiration

Ladybug Craft Using Leaves

Material Required:

– White Paper – Leaves – Scissors – Glue – Pencil – Black Sketch Pen – Bottle Cap

Step  1

Folding A Rectangular Paper In Half

Step  2

Cutting The Frame Using Scissors

Step  3

Unfolding The Frame

Step  4

Making Base Of The Craft

Step  5

Your Craft Base Should Look Like This 

Step  6

Getting Ready With A Red Leaf

Step  7

Cutting The Leaf In Circle

Step  8

Pasting The Leaf Onto The Base Using Glue

Step  9

Making The Face Using Small Black Circle

Step  10

Making The Googly Eyes Of The Ladybug

Step  11

Drawing Details Using A Black Pen

Step  12

Making Another Ladybug Using Same Step

Step   13

Adding A Stem Of Leaves

Step  14

Making Paper Support For The Frame

Step  15

Pasting Paper On Top Of The Frame

Step  16

Pasting Paper Support In the Bottom

Step  17

Pasting The Frame On The Paper Supports

Final  Step

Paper & Leaf Ladybug Craft Completed!

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