DIY Inspiration

Lightning Ladybug Craft

Material Required:

– Circular Plastic Box – Colored Paper (Black, Red, and    White) – Glue – Thread – Scissors

Step  1

Making Ladybug From Plastic Box and Red Strips

Step  2

Pasting Red Paper Strips

Step  3

Covering Box With Strips

Step  4

Making The Face Of The Ladybug

Step  5

Adding A Smile Using A Red Paper Semicircle

Step  6

Pasting The Rectangles As Antlers

Step  7

Pasting Face On Body

Step  8

Pasting Black Spots

Step  9

Pasting Light On Lid

Step  10

Covering The Box With Its Lid

Step  11

Lighten Up The Ladybug

Final Step

Lightening Ladybug Craft Is Ready!

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