DIY Inspiration

Origami Bunny            Craft

Material Required:

-Origami Sheet(Pink, Yellow) -Scissors -Marker(Red)

Step  1

Folding The Pink Origami Sheet

Step  2

Second Diagonal Folding

Step  3

Creating Intersecting Creases

Step  4

Folding The Corners Towards The Center

Step  5

Folding The Top Edge

Step  6

Cutting Slits For The Ears

Step  7

 Folding And Closing The  Slits

Step  8

Folding The Flaps For The Bunny’s Ears

Step  9

Folding The Triangle Inside

Step  10

Folding The Rump

Step  11

Adding Details With Red Marker

 Step 12

Gluing The Yellow Circle Cut Out As The Sun

 Final Step 

Congratulations! Our Paper Bunny Craft Is Ready!

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