DIY Inspiration

Origami Paper Bag

Material Required:

– Origami Paper – Glue

Step  1

Taking Origami Paper

Step  2

Folding  And Making Creases Over Paper

Step  3

Folding Corners Of The Triangle To The Creases

Step  4

Folding Triangle Upward Layer Downward

Step  5

Folding Triangle Upwards

Step  6

Folding Triangles

Step  7

Pushing In Left Corner

Step  8

Folding Right Top Corner Inside

Step  9

Folding Top Triangle

Step  10

Folding Side Triangles

Step  11

Folding Top Triangle

Step  12

Folding Triangle Upwards

Step  13

Closing The Bag

Step  12

Attaching Handle

Final Step

Mini Paper Bag Origami Craft Is Ready!

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