DIY Inspiration

Origami Fruit Crafts

Material Required:

– A Paper Suitable For Origami – Colored Marker(Green &    Black) – A Whitener – Colored Sheet Of Paper(Black    & White)

Step  1

Taking a Squared Shape Paper

Step  2

Folding It As Per The Crease

Step  3

Furthering Fold As Per Crease

Step  4

You Will Get a Diamond-Like Shape

Step  5

Folding The Lower Edge Inwards

Step  6

Bringing The Edges On The Side Inwards Too

Step  7

Turning To The Other Side And Fold

Step  8

Taking The Folded Portion Up And Then Press On The Crease Formed

Step  9

The Shape So Formed

Step  10

Adding Eyes

Step  11

Coloring The Top Folded Portion

Step  12

Creating Another Fruit

Step  13

Adding Hands And Legs

Final Step

Finally, Origami Fruit Craft Is Done!

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