DIY Inspiration

Paper Butterfly Craft

Material Required:

– White Paper – Paint Color – Straw – Glue – Leaves – Pencil

Step  1

Getting Ready With White Paper

Step  2

Taking Two Leaves And Placing Them In The Corner Of The Paper

Step  3

Tracing The Leaves Using A Pencil

Step  4

Outlining The Shape Of The Butterfly 

Step  5

Spreading Dots Of Colors On One Side Of The Paper

Step  6

Folding The Paper From The Middle 

Step  7

Unfolding The Paper Carefully And Let It Dry

Step  8

Now, Again Folding The Paper And Cutting

Step  9

Unfolding The Paper

Step  10

Making Antlers Using Straw

Step  11

Pasting The Antlers To The Butterfly

Final Step

Beautiful Paper Butterfly is Here to Hang on Your Wall!

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