DIY Inspiration

DIY Basket  Paper Craft 

Material Required:

– Pink & Yellow Paper – Flower Craft Punch – Scissors – Glue – Ribbon – Double Side Tape

Step  1

Applying Double Side Tape On Rectangle Paper

Step  2

Cutting Fringe From Edge

Step  3

Taking A Square Pink Paper

Step  4

Folding The Square Paper

Step  5

Pasting The Roll On The Rectangle

Step  6

Making More Rolls

Step  7

Pasting Rolls To Cover The Rectangle

Step  8

Folding Rectangle Into A Cylinderical Shape

Step  9

Folding The Fringes At The Bottom

Step  10

Cutting A Pink Strip

Step  11

Punching Flower On The Yellow Paper

Step  12

Pasting The Paper Flowers

Step  13

Pasting Strip On Basket

Final  Step

Beautiful DIY Paper Basket Craft Is Done!

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