DIY Inspiration

Paper Chicken Craft Tutorial

Material Required:

– Colored Craft Papers – Scissors – Glue – Black Sketch Pen

Step  1

Getting Ready With Craft Paper

Step  2

Folding The Diamond Shape Into Half, To Make A Triangle

Step  3

Making Its Vertex Meet The Opposite Side Of The Triangle

Step  4

Folding The Other Side Of The Triangle

Step  5

Folding The Top Corner Of The Triangle 

Step  6

Inserting The Top Corner In The Pocket 

Step  7

Putting The Wide Part At Bottom As Shown 

Step  8

Cutting Out A Wing Shape From Purple Paper And Pasting

Step  9

Making The Comb Of The Chicken

Step  10

Making Beak and Eyes Of The Chicken

Final Step

Paper Chicken Craft Is Ready!

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