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Cute Paper Cup Doll Craft

Material Required:

Colored Paper Cups Scissors Black Marker pen Pencil

Step  1

Let’s start this beautiful doll craft by cutting out the upper edge of the paper cup using scissors.

Creating a Beautiful Doll Craft with a Paper Cup

Step  2

Start making cuts to the bottom of the glass at equal gaps for stripes that will look like hair. Leave a wider stripe at the end which will become the body of the doll.

Creating a Glass Doll

Step  3

Press the paper cup against a hard surface so that all stripes open and look like the image above.

Unlocking the Power of Paper Cups

Step  4

Take a pencil and roll the stripes inwards one by one on that pencil.

Rolling the Stripes to Create a Doll

Step  5

Just draw 2 small curves for the eyes and one inverted curve for the smiling face.

Drawing a Smiling Face on a Cup

Step  6

Now, draw the body of the doll by making hands, skirts, and legs.

Creating a Doll: Hands, Skirts, and Legs

Step  7

Draw a few buttons on the middle of the body to complete the dress of the doll.

Creating Doll Dresses with Buttons

Step  8

Your beautiful paper cup dolls are ready in minutes and you can show them to impress others.

Impress Others with Your Beautiful Paper Cup Dolls!

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