DIY Inspiration

Paper Cup Octopus Craft

Material Required:

– Paper Cups – Construction Paper (Red,     Black, and White) – Red Color – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Cutting Paper Cup Using Scissors

Step  2

Making Tentacles of Octopus

Step  3

Rolling Each Tentacle Using A Pencil

Step  4

Placing Cup Upside Down

Step  5

Making Spots On The Tentacles

Step  6

Tentacles Are Ready As Shown

Step  7

Taking Another Paper Cup

Step  8

Making The Googly Eyes Of The Octopus

Step  9

Making Mouth Of The Octopus Using Red Paper

Step  10

Buckling Tentacles In Octopus

Final  Step

Cute Paper Cup Octopus Is Ready!

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