DIY Inspiration

Paper Cup Spinning Toy

Material Required:

Paper cups Glue/glue gun Different color markers Cotton Earbuds Needle/pen Scissors

Step  1

Let’s start making this superb toy craft by taking a paper cup, pink in this case.

Creating a Superb Pink Toy Craft with a Paper Cup

Step  2

Now, take a pen and draw lines at regular gaps on the diameter of the base of a paper cup. Take colored markers and fill in the triangles with different colors.

Adding Color to a Paper Cup

Step  3

After coloring all the triangles, your craft will look something like this.

Finished Product of Colored Triangles

Step  4

After making cuts, open the paper cup as shown above by pressing all the stripes so that they spread out from the base.

Opening a Paper Cup After Making Cuts

Step  5

In this step, cut the corners of the stripes in curved shapes to give them a better look.

Creating Curved Stripes for a Better Look

Step  6

Now, take a needle and make a hole in the center of the base.

Creating a Hole in the Center of the Base with a Needle

Step  7

Here, you will have to insert a cotton bud into that hole. Remove another side of the cotton bud so that we get a proper grip to spin the toy.

Gripping and Spinning with a Cotton Bud

Step  8

This is an amazing craft that not just looks good but is also a great toy that your kids would love to make and play with.

Finally, Make Your Own Spinning Paper Cup Toy

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