DIY Inspiration

Paper Cup Tiger Craft

Material Required:

 – Orange Straws – 3 – Sellotape – Recycled Paper Cup (Orange) – Black Marker/Sketch Pen – Orange Craft Paper – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Puting A Sellotape On The Straws

Step  2

Bending The Straws

Step  3

 Bending The Straws

Step  4

Making A Hole In a Recycled Paper Cup

Step  5

Fitting The Straws In A Recycled Paper Cup

Step  6

Pulling Up The Straws

Step  7

Making A Circle On Orange Craft Paper

Step  8

Tracing The Outline Of The Sellotape With A Black Marker/Sketch Pen

Step  9

Completing The Features Of A Tiger

Step  10

Cutting The Drawing With Scissors

Step  11

Sticking The Drawing On The Straw

Step  12

Making Paws And Tail With Orange Craft Paper

Final Step

Finally, Your Paper Cup Tiger Craft Is Ready!!

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