DIY Inspiration

Cute Paper Fish Craft

Material Required:

– Chart Papers(Orange, Yellow,    Green, Blue, Black) – Scissors – Marker(Black) – Glue Or Adhesive

Step  1

Cutting A Rectangular Strip With Orange Paper

Step  2

Folding The Rectangular Strip

Step  3

Cutting The Strip Using The Scissor

Step  4

Folding The Cut Part Into A Triangle

Step  5

Pasting The Eye On The Fish

Step  6

Making A Smile With The Black Marker

Step  7

Making One More Paper Fish

Step  8

Pasting The Fishes On The Blue Paper

Step  9

Making A Sea Grass Using Green Paper Strip

Step  10

Attaching The Rolled Green Piece

Step  11

Drawing The Waves Using The Black Marker

Final Image

Your Cute Paper Fish Craft Is Ready!

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