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Paper Flower Craft

Material Required:

Black chart paper Round wooden stick Different colored craft papers Glue Scissors Black marker pen

Step  1

Let’s start this amazing paper flower craft by taking a yellow craft paper. Cut 6-7 narrow stripes of the same size

Creating a Paper Flower Craft with Yellow Paper

Step  2

Now, curve both ends of the stripes by rolling them on a stick. Leave some space in the middle of the stripes uncurved. 

Creating Curved Yellow Stripes

Step  3

Repeat the similar procedure using orange craft paper, but this time the stripes should be wider than the yellow ones.

Making a Flower with Yellow & Orange Paper

Step  4

After sticking the orange stripes, stick the yellow stripes just above the orange ones.

Stripe Stacking: Orange and Yellow

Step  5

Now, for the center of the flower, take a yellow stripe and make cuts on it.

Creating a Flower Center with a Yellow Stripe

Step  6

Stick the above structure in the middle of the flower using glue.

Securing the Structure in the Middle of the Flower

Step  7

In this step, just stick two stems for both flowers using glue.

Joining Two Flower Stems with Glue

Step  8

Now, cut 4 leaf-like shapes from the green craft paper and stick 2 on both stems using glue.

Creating Leaf Shapes with Green Craft Paper

Step  9

And there you go, your pretty flower craft is ready! This craft is so simple and fun to make as you can make it quickly and with limited supplies.

Beautiful Paper Flower Craft is Ready!

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