DIY Inspiration

Paper Flower Craft Tutorial

Material Required:

– Craft Paper (Red, White, Green,    Yellow) – Sellotape/Thin Double-Sided    Tape – Scissors & Pencil – Glue – Decorative Stickers

Step  1

Cutting a Strip Off a Rectangle With Red Craft Paper

Step  2

Sticking Another Red Rectangular Strip

Step  3

Repeating The Same Step As Above

Step  4

Folding One Of The Rectangular Strips

Step  5

Repeating The Same Above Step

Step  6

Folding All The Sides And Stick It

Step  7

Making a Stem With Green Craft Paper

Step  8

Sticking The Flower

Step  9

Making Leaves With Green Craft Paper

Step  10

Making a Pistil With Yellow Craft Paper

Step  11

Rolling The Pistil

Step  12

Adding a Drop Of Glue

Step  13

 Sticking The Pistil

Final Step

 Paper Flower Craft Is   Ready!

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