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Paper Flower Tree Craft

Material Required:

Black Chart paper Different color craft papers Scissors Glue Black pen

Step  1

Taking a tree cutout from brown craft paper and sticking it onto black chart paper using glue and scissors.

Creating a Crafty Tree with Brown & Black Paper

Step  2

Now, take a piece of pink craft paper and fold it like above for making the flowers of the tree.

Creating a Flower Tree with Pink Craft Paper

Step  3

Cut flower shapes like the above. Cut around 8-10 pink flowers.

Creating Pretty Pink Flowers

Step  4

Next, make a cut on one of the petals and stick it using glue to the next petal to obtain a 3D flower shape.

Creating a 3D Flower Shape

Step  5

Your flowers should look something like this.

Creating the Perfect Flower Arrangement

Step  6

Take a black pen and draw some lines on the center of the flower for detailing the look of the overall craft.

Detailing the Look of a Flower Craft 

Step  7

Place all the flowers as shown above so that they cover the stems of the tree.

Covering the Tree Stems with Flowers

Step  8

Cut around 6-7 leaves using that pattern and stick the leaves at the bottom of the craf

Creating Leaf Patterns with Green Craft Paper

Step  9

Your amazing craft is ready to be showcased to others. It is so simple that you can make it in minutes and with just limited supplies.

Creating a Beautiful Tree Craft in Minutes!

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