DIY Inspiration

Paper Heart Bee Craft

Material Required:

– Color Paper (Yellow, Black,    and White) – Black Marker – Scissors – Glue – Pencil

Step  1

Getting Ready With Yellow Paper

Step  2

Folding Rectangle In Half

Step  3

Making Heart Shape

Step  4

Cutting Heart Out Of Paper

Step  5

Cutting Out Hearts, Eyes, Tail, etc.

Step  6

Taking a Black Heart

Step  7

Pasting Yellow Heart

Step  8

Clay Ant Carrying Food

Step  9

Pasting Yellow Heart

Step  10

 Making Antennas

Step  11

Pasting Mini Hearts On Antennas

Step  12

Pasting Tail

Step  13

Pasting Eyes

Step  14

Making Bee Smile

Step  15

Pasting Wings

Final Step

Paper Heart Bee Craft Is Done!

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