DIY Inspiration

Handmade Ice Cream Craft

Material Required:

– Brown, Purple and Orange     colored sheets of Paper – Double-Sided Tape – Brown, Purple, and Orange     colored Sheet Of Paper – A Bubble Wrap Sheet

Step  1

Cutting The Sheet Of Paper And Put Double-Sided Tape On It

Step  2

Pulling Off The Upper Portion Of The Double-Sided Tape

Step  3

Folding The Paper Into The Shape Of a Cone

Step  4

Taking a Bubble Wrap And Crumple It Down

Step  5

Securing The Shape Using The Tape

Step  6

Pasting Purple Coloured Sheet Of Paper On The Crumpled Paper

Step  7

Putting The Scoop Where It Belongs, In The Cone!

Step  8

Adding Another Scoop By Following The Same Steps As Above

Final  Step

Your Handmade Icecream Cone Craft Is Ready!

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