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Paper Mouse Craft

Material Required:

Different colored craft paper Scissors Glue Tiny Plastic eyes

Step  1

You can take any color craft paper of your choice. Next, make a cut using scissors on the radius of the circle.

Creating a Mouse Craft with Craft Paper

Step  2

Now, take the two ends of that craft paper and stick one over another using glue.

Creating a Cone-Like Structure with Paper

Step  3

This heart shape will become the ears of our mouse in this case. Fold the 2 curves diagonally.

Creating a Mouse Out of a Heart Shape

Step  4

Stick those ears on that cone you made before using glue. Just don’t stick the ears part as that will stay standing over the mouse’s body.

Creating a Mouse Out of a Cone and Ears

Step  5

Now, cut two small circular shapes from yellow paper and stick them in the center of both ears .

Creating Ears with Yellow Paper

Step  6

Now cut 3 narrow black stripes and stick them on a red circular cutout in a similar manner .

Creating the Mouse Nose with Black Stripes and a Red Cutout

Step  7

You need to stick the eyes of the mouse. Stick them not too close and not too far also.

Sticking Mouse Eyes

Step  8

Now, cut a long and narrow stripe out of black craft paper for the tail of the mouse.

Creating a Tail for a Craft Mouse 

Step  9

Your cute mouse is ready to be shown to others.  Kids can even play with these mice.

Ready to Play: Adorable Handmade Mice for Kids

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