Origami Paper Butterfly Craft

Material Required:

– A Big Lavender-colored Sheet     of Paper – Small Lavender Sheets of     Paper – A Pen Refill – A Pair of Scissors

Step  1

Taking A Sheet Of Paper

Step  2

Folding The Paper Sheet Into Half

Step 3

Creating More Folds

Step  4

Repeating The Process On The Other Side

Step  5

Making Some Unique Folds

Step  6

Making Folds On The Bottom Side As Well

Step  7

Making A Horizontal Fold

Step  8

Making Compressed Folds To The Sheet

Step  9

Applying Pressure To The Middle Of The Compression

Step  10

Cutting Out A Big, Thin Strip

Step  11

Rolling The Strip On The Shape

Step  12

Pasting The Antennas

Step  13

Rolling The Antennas

Step  14

Shaping The Sheet Properly

Final Step

Finally, Origami Butterfly Craft is Ready!

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