DIY Inspiration

Origami Paper  Rabbit Craft

Material Required:

 – Origami White Paper  –  Sketch Pens (Red, Pink,Green,      And Yellow)

Step  1

Making Creases

Step  2

Forming A Triangle

Step  3

Folding Triangle Edges Upwards

Step  4

Folding Diamond Corners

Step  5

Inserting Upper Corners In The Pockets

Step  6

Inserting By Leaving Some Part

Step  7

Flipping The Paper

Step  8

Folding Sides Along The Middle Crease

Step  9

Folding Bottom Corners

Step  10

Folding The Sides Along The Back Sides Of Paper

Step  11

Making A Rabbit

Step  12

Making An Eye

Step  13

Detailing The Rabbit

Final Step

Your Origami Paper Rabbit Is Ready!

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