DIY Inspiration

Butterfly Craft Using Paper

Material Required:

Colorful Craft Papers A pipe cleaner Glue Scissors

Step  1

Cut two circles out of both craft papers, yellow being the smaller one. Stick the yellow paper over the blue paper using glue.

Creating a Craft with Yellow and Blue Paper

Step  2

Make sure all the folds overlap each other perfectly and are of equal size.

Mastering the Art of Perfect Folding

Step  3

Open the paper, the folds will look something like this.

Unfolding the Paper

Step  4

Make one more similar craft, for another set of wings of the butterfly.

Creating Another Set of Butterfly Wings

Step  5

Now comes the fun part, take a pipe cleaner and tie both papers from the middle.

Tying the Pipe Cleaner for Fun!

Step  6

Make a V-shape from the ends of the pipe cleaner for the antennae of the butterfly.

Creating a Butterfly Antennae with Pipe Cleaners

Step  7

Adjust the pipe cleaner and give the butterfly a proper shape by spreading the wings.

Giving the Butterfly its Shape with a Pipe Cleaner

Step  8

This is a perfect craft for you and your kids to get rid of boredom & come up with something pretty to decorate your house walls.

Crafting Beautiful Butterflies Is Ready!

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