Strawberry Craft

Material Required:

– Craft Papers (Red and Green) – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Making Diagonal Creases On a 15*15 cm Red Paper

Step  2

Forming A Diamond Shape

Step  3

Folding Diamond Corners

Step  4

Folding Bottom Corners of The Paper

Step  5

Making Tiny Arrows

Step  6

Flipping And Repeating

Step  7

Folding The Hexagon Sides

Step  8

Folding Corners Upward Along Creases

Step  9

Folding The Adjacent Side Folds

Step  10

Inserting The Triangles

Step 11

Making The Crown Over Strawberry

Step 12

Folding The Triangle Sides

Step 13

Making Leaf Shape

Step 14

Curling The Crown Petals

Step 15

Inserting Stem

Step 16

Applying Glue On The Top Edges

Step 17

Pasting The Crown Over Strawberry

Final Step

Paper Strawberry Craft Is Ready!

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