DIY Inspiration

Paper Strip Apple Craft

Material Required:

– Colored Sheets (Red and Green) – Single Hole Punch – Scissors – Fastener

Step  1

Cutting The Paper Strips

Step  2

Punching Both Ends Of The Red Paper Strips

Step  3

Making Leaf & Stem and Punching Them

Step  4

Stacking The Strips Together

Step  5

Stacking The Stem With The Red Strips

Step  6

Stacking The Leaf With A Stem And Strips

Step  7

Pushing The Fasteners To Each End 

Step  8

Bending The Stack From The Middle

Step  9

Bending It To Give It A Spherical Shape

Step  10

Separating Each Strip From Each Other

Final Step

Apple Craft From Paper Strips Is Ready!

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