DIY Inspiration

 Paper Whale Craft Tutorial 

Material Required:

– Colored Papers – Marker Pens – Glue – Scissors – Crayon

Step  1

Cutting A Circle Using A Blue Sheet

Step  2

Folding The Circle Into Half From The Middle

Step  3

Drawing The Whale Using A Black Marker

Step  4

Outline The Whale As Shown

Step  5

Folding The Straight Line Drawn To The Inner Side

Step  6

Cutting The Outline Of The Whale

Step  7

Your Whale Should Look Like This After Cutting

Step  8

Unfolding The Whale We Cut Before

Step  9

Folding Whale In Opposite Direction

Step  10

Drawing Details Using A Black Marker

Step  11

Coloring The Whale Using A White Crayon

Step  12

Making The Eyes Using A Black/White Sheet

Step  13

Adding A Cute Smile Using A Black Marker

Step  14

Adding Details Using A Red Marker Pen

Step  15

Making Spray On The Top

Step  16

Rolling The Paper Strand Around The Toothpick

Step  17

Attaching Spray On The Whale

Final Step

Handmade 3D Paper Whale Is Ready!

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