DIY Inspiration

Bunny Craft Using Plastic Bottles

Material Required:

– Plastic Bottle – Cutter – Any Adhesive – Black Colored Sheet Of Paper – White-Colored Sheet Of Paper – Pink Colored Sheet Of Paper – Balloon

Step  1

Cutting The Water Bottle As Shown

Step  2

Pressing The Bottle Inwards From Both Ends

Step  3

Folding The Paper Into The Shape Of a Cone

Step  4

Inserting A Balloon Into The Bottle

Step  5

Blowing The Balloon Up

Step  6

Adding Googly Eyes Of The Bunny

Step  7

Adding a Nose And A Cute Smile

Step  8

Adding Ears To The Bunny

Step  9

Pasting The Ears On The Top 

Final  Step

Hurray! Plastic Bottle Bunny Craft is Ready!

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