Rainbow Straw Chair Craft

Material Required:

– Color straws  – Scissors – Glue gun

Step  1

Cutting Straws and Applying Glue On It

Step  2

Pasting Violet Color Straw With Blue Straw

Step 3

Pasting Red Color Straw With Violet

Step  4

Pasting All Pieces Of Straw To Create Chair

Step  5

Pasting Red Color Straw to Create Chair Leg

Step  6

Pasting Piece Of Violet Straw To Connect Chair Seat With Legs

Step  7

Pasting Blue Straw For Front Legs

Step  8

Pasting Piece Of Yellow Straw With Top Of Red Straws

Step  9

Cutting Small Pieces From Blue, Orange and Green Straw And Pasting It

Step  10

Cutting Two Pieces From Violet and Rose Color Straw

Final Step

Our Rainbow Straw Chair Craft is Ready!

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