DIY Inspiration

Rainbow Sunflower Art

Material Required:

White A4 sheet Watercolors Paintbrush Stick with a round sponge Cotton Earbud

Step  1

Take a stick with a round sponge & dip it in yellow watercolor by making yellow circles by that stick.

Painting the Ground with Yellow Watercolor

Step  2

Make green circles at the bottom of the grass only and give a faded look between yellow and green.

Creating a Grass Detailing with Yellow and Green

Step  3

Make a dark yellow color circle using that stick. This will become the center of the flower.

Creating a Flower with Grass and a Dark Yellow Circle

Step  4

For this dip that sponge in red color and make an oval shape next to the yellow circle.

Making Rainbow-Colored Petals of a Sunflower

Step  5

Make other petals as well using other bright colors like yellow, purple, blue, etc.

Brighten Up Your Garden with Multi-Colored Petals

Step  6

After making all the petals, your painting will look like the image above.

Crafting the Perfect Petals

Step  7

Take a narrow-tip paintbrush and draw the stem of the sunflower with free hand using dark green color.

Creating a Sunflower Stem with a Paintbrush

Step  8

Draw leaves on both sides of the stem using dark green color.

Drawing Dark Green Leaves on Both Sides of the Stem

Step  9

Make white stripes using a paintbrush on the petals of the flower.

Painting White Stripes on Flower Petals

Step  10

Add sun rays using orange watercolor by drawing tiny stripes around the red circle.

Painting a Red Circle with Orange Sun Rays

Step  11

Make 2 more such clouds on either side of the sunflower.

Creating a Sunflower With Three Clouds

Step  12

Take a cotton earbud and make red, yellow and purple dots in the background and on grass.

Decorating The Painting With Dots

Step  12

Your beautiful rainbow sunflower painting art is ready just like that.

Creative Art with a Rainbow Sunflower Painting

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