DIY Inspiration

Handprint Dog Painting

Material Required:

A4 size white sheet Black Marker Pen Pink, Brown, Red & Blue Marker Pens Yellow Highlighter

Step  1

Fold your middle finger and place your left hand on the paper.

Creating Craft With White A4 Sheet & Black Pen

Step  2

Slowly & Carefully draw the full shape of your fingers in one go, without lifting the pen from the paper.

Drawing Fingers with One Continuous Line

Step  3

After lifting your left hand from the paper, the outlining will look something like this.

Creating an Outline with Your Left Hand

Step  4

Draw a line from the start of the middle finger to the start of the thumb with a zig-zag pattern.

Drawing a Zig-Zag Facial Hair Pattern

Step  5

Now, draw a circle using a black pen for the eye of the dog. And shade it properly for a detailed look of the eye.

Creating a Detailed Eye for a Dog Drawing

Step  6

Draw a curved line starting from the place where the index finger and thumb are meeting.

Drawing the Tongue

Step  7

Make small V-shapes below the index finger at little gaps. Make such 5-6 V’s for the upper jaw.

Drawing the Dog’s Teeth

Step  8

 One from the middle of the pinky finger and another from the ring finger.

Adding Extra Detailing with Small Curves

Step  9

Take a pink marker, and shade the inner part of the ears.

Coloring the Ears with a Pink Marker

Step  10

Start by outlining the edges first and then color in between those brown lines.

Coloring the Dog’s Hair with a Brown Marker

Step  11

Take a yellow highlighter for the face part on the right side of the zig-zag line.

Highlighting the Zig-Zag Line

Step  12

Take a red colored marker and color the tongue part carefully. Make sure you don’t color outside the edges.

Coloring the Tongue with a Red Marker

Step  13

Your craft is ready! This hack is very cool as you can use your hand to make a quick outline of the dog’s face.

An Easy Hack to Make a Fun Craft in Minutes!

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