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Simple Paper Crab Craft

Material Required:

Different colored craft papers Scissors Glue Pen Black Chart Paper

Step  1

Take a piece of red craft paper and cut a medium-sized circle out of it using scissors.

Creating a Unique Crab Craft On Black Paper 

Step  2

Now, cut two narrow vertical stripes for the hands of the crab and stick them diagonally in a similar manner shown above.

Creating the Hands of a Crab

Step  3

Cut 2 red circles from red craft paper and fold them into half. Stick the claws just above the hands using glue.

Crafting Claws with Red Craft Paper

Step  4

Cut 6 semi-circles  from a red craft paper for the legs of the crab. Stick 3 legs on both sides with the flat part of the semi-circle facing downwards.

Making a Crab Out of Red Craft Paper

Step  5

Cut 2 more red circles and fold them into half. Stick these circles at the bottom of the crab with half part staying unstuck.

Creating a Crab with Red Circles

Step  6

Stick two small red circles for the eyes of the crab.

Decorating a Crab with Red Circles

Step  7

Now, take two white circles and stick them over the red circles for the eyes.

Creating a Face with Circles

Step  8

Next, stick a folded orange circle for the mouth of the crab using glue.

Creating a Crab with an Orange Circle Mouth

Step  9

cut 10 green circles, and fold them into half.

Cutting and Folding Green Circles

Step  10

And that’s it!! Your 3-D crab craft is ready and it looks super cute.

Unique 3-D Crab Craft with Circles and Semi-Circles!

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