DIY Inspiration

Summer Paper Fan Craft

Material Required:

– Colored Papers – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Making The Paper Pinwheel

Step  2

Cutting The Blue Circle Into Two Equal Halves

Step  3

Making The Wings of The Pinwheel

Step  4

Pasting The Other Wing On The Opposite Side

Step  5

Now, Repeating The Same Process

Step  6

Pasting Final And Fourth Wing

Step  7

Making A Hole In The Middle Of The Pinwheel

Step  8

Inserting A Thread And Tie A Knot

Step  9

Attaching Paper Fan With White Circle

Step  10

Making A Stand of The Fan

Step  11

Making Switch Board of The Fan

Set 12

Drawing Buttons On The Switchboard

Final Step

Paper Fan Is Ready To Cool Down The Air!

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