DIY Inspiration

Tiger Balloon Craft

Material Required:

 –Orange Balloon – Round Stone – Elastic Rubber Band – Balloon Pump – Craft Paper (Black, White And Orange) – Black Marker/Sketch Pen – Scissors – Glue

Step  1

Taking An Orange Balloon And a Round Stone

Step  2

Putting The Round Stone Inside The Balloon

Step  3

Putting An Elastic Rubber Band Over It

Step  4

Putting The Part Which Is Left, Inside Out

Step  5

Blowing The Balloon

Step  6

Making Eyes With Black And White Craft Paper

Step  7

Making Mouth With White Craft Paper

Step  8

Cutting a Small Black Circle To Complete The Mouth

Step  9

Making Forehead Stripes With Black Craft Paper

Step  10

Making Face Stripes With Black Craft Paper

Step  11

Making Ears With White And Orange Craft Paper

Step  12

Folding The Above-Made Circles

Final Step

Finally, Tiger Balloon Craft Is Ready!

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