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DIY Paper Car Scenery Craft tutorial for kids

DIY Paper Car Scenery drawing easy tutorial for kids

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DIY Paper Car Scenery Craft tutorial for kids

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to craft a car scenery using paper. This craft is for kids to spend their summer afternoons at home.

Kids can easily create this craft with this guide which involves easy-to-follow instructions and steps. This craft is affordable and inexpensive as it basically requires paper only. Using a bit of creativity, kids will have a blast customizing their own paper car and creating a fun scenery. So, grab your materials and follow the steps.

Let the fun begin!

DIY Paper Car Scenery drawing easy tutorial for kids

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Material Required

  • Construction Papers
  • A4 Size White Paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Ruler
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Cutting A Red Semicircle

Cutting A Red Semicircle- A simple guide to making a paper car landscape for children.

As a first step of the craft, cut a semicircle out of red paper using scissors.

Step 2: Pasting Rectangle On Semicircle

Pasting Rectangle On Semicircle- How to draw a paper car landscape easily for kids.

Cut a long rectangle out of red paper and paste it on the semicircle by covering its bottom half.

Step 3: Making Windows Of Paper Car

Making Windows Of Paper Car- Creating a paper car scene with this easy tutorial for kids.

Now, to make windows of the car, cut two pizza slices shape out of white paper and paste them as shown in the above image using glue.

Step 4: Making Wheels Of Car

Making Wheels Of Car-Step-by-step instructions for making a paper car landscape with children.

Cut two black circles and two small white paper circles. Paste the white circles in the middle of each black circle to make the wheels of the car. Paste the wheels on the bottom edge of the rectangle using glue.

Step 5: Pasting Popsicle Stick

Pasting Popsicle Stick-A step-by-step guide to drawing a paper car scenery for kids.

Once the paper car is ready, paste a popsicle stick on the back middle of the car using glue.

Step 6: Pasting Long Rectangle To Make a Road

Pasting Long Rectangle To Make a Road- Learn how to make a paper car landscape for children with this tutorial.

Now, put an A4 size white sheet in a landscape manner. Cut a rectangle with a length of A4 size out of blue paper and paste it on the bottom of the white sheet.

Step 7: Pasting Thin & Long Rectangles

Pasting Thin & Long Rectangles-An easy way to draw a paper car environment for kids.

Now, cut some long and thin white rectangles to make the strips of road. And paste them on the middle of the rectangle by forming a straight horizontal line.

Step 8: Making Green Paper Bushes

Making Green Paper Bushes-Tutorial for kids to make a paper car landscape on their own.

Now, cut bushes shape from green paper and paste them on the left and right top of the road using glue.

Step 9: Pasting Clouds On Sky

Pasting Clouds On Sky-A kid-friendly guide to drawing a paper car landscape.

Make clouds by cutting and pasting clouds from blue paper.

Step 10: Pasting Paper Sun

Pasting Paper Sun-. A DIY paper car landscape project for children.

Craft the sun using yellow and orange paper. Also, make a smile and eyes on it using a black pen. Don’t forget to add the cheeks of the sun using a red pen.

Step 11: Making a Cut On Road

Making a Cut On Road- A straightforward guide for children to make their own paper car scenery.

Place a ruler on the paper road horizontally and cut the line using a paper cutter.

DIY Paper Car Scenery Craft Is Ready!

DIY Paper Car Scenery Craft Is Ready!- Learn how to make a paper car scenery with this simple tutorial for children.

Finally, insert the popsicle stick in the cut so that you can move the car easily on the road using the popsicle stick. That’s it! You’re done with the paper car craft in a few simple steps.

This Paper Car Scenery Craft is the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained and creative during the summer days! Kids will be able to create a fun, colorful, and unique paper car scenery in no time. You can use this craft as a summer school project or a pastime activity. What are you waiting for? Get, Set, and Craft!

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