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Fruits & Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

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Fruits & Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

If you’re searching for a fruits & vegetables drawing & coloring project for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of fruits & vegetables drawing & coloring projects like eggplant drawing & coloring, red chili drawing & coloring, vegetable coloring & drawing,  strawberry coloring & drawing, etc.

Every parent faces the problem of making their children sit in one place. Yes, we know kids are very active and they won’t sit in one place so every parent wishes to get 2x energy to manage their kids. If they are old enough they will study by themselves and there won’t be much work for parents but when comes to kids it’s a tedious task.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end” – Robbin Sharma

In the same way, they (kids) won’t feel good at sitting and studying but you have to push them to make them study. So why don’t you start the process of teaching easily and attractively? Kids love colors, so start the work with colors. Drawing helps children in many ways such as enhancing creativity, motor skills, expressive, and many others. Every drawing listed here needs white paper, a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, a black marker, and colored pencils.

Fruits & Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

Brinjal Drawing & Coloring Project For All Ages


While drawing this brinjal, teach them – what are the benefits of eating this vegetable. The biggest task for every mother is to make their children eat, especially vegetables. Tell them how their ancestors are healthy by eating fruits and vegetables instead of oily snacks (chips and fries) and chocolates. Showing and teaching vegetables in the image format is less effective so give them this hands-on experiment. Don’t give them black marker straight-a-way though they are adamant. Ask them to draw in pencils and okay if they make mistakes. After drawing, brinjal helped them to color appropriately. By doing so they’ll get to know the colors of brinjal.

Red Chilli Coloring & Drawing School Project


Now it’s time for chilly. Draw a curvy line and below it draw hanging red spicy chilly. Kids may feel easy with this drawing as the shapes aren’t difficult for them. While drawing chilly also teaches them the taste and how they are growing. Some vegetables grow in trees, some in plants, and some others under the soil. So engage them in the drawing as well as learning. This is like the seed you are sowing at a young age. Though they couldn’t get everything, at least they may get accustomed to it. Instruct them on the shapes and colors to fill their drawing. Teach them the 6 tastes of food and say to them this chilly taste is one among them. Give red color for chilly and green color for leaves and top cap of chilly. Coat the stem and hanging stick in green color to get a beautiful image.

Corn Coloring & Drawing Project For Preschoolers


Next, assign this corn diagram. Ask them to draw the corn leaves like lotus leaves. And also teach them the color of corn. Then draw cone shape structures and a few small lines too. Now draw lines inside the cone shape and shade them in yellow color. Tell them the benefits of eating corn and which place is famous for yielding corn. After you are done with the drawing, save it in your file. Draw and save all your collections in a separate file.

Vegetables Drawing & Coloring School Projects For 3-Year-Old


This covers the 6 vegetables in one picture. For the Mushroom, draw a triangle shape with blunt edges and smooth curvy sidelines. Then draw a half hollow sphere and potato shapes stem at the bottom. Make small circles so that it’ll give a mushroom image and color it. Secondly, draw brinjal as said in the first post. Thirdly draw a carrot and tell them this contains vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Then chilly, similar to carrot structure but the bulge differs. Then corn and finally the pumpkin. Your kid may recognize pumpkins at the Halloween festival. After you have done with this drawing try making pumpkin crafts.

Grapes Drawing & Coloring Project For Kids


Now it’s time for the grape. Ask your kid to make small circles and color them with purple color. Draw T-shape as the stem and color it with brown color. Something is missing, right? Yep, draw leaves now and color them green. We are done. Making white shade at each grape circle as in the above image will make the picture much more beautiful. This gives the shining and glassy look. Try it and show that to your friends.

Radish Drawing & Coloring School Project For Kids


While start drawing radish, teach your kids that it is a root vegetable and it won’t hang on the trees or plants. Show them the video of how radish is cultivated, visionary has more power than words. Simply drawing the picture won’t be interesting, make it more engageable and valuable. Draw Lotus leaves shapes and tree structures for radish leaves. At the bottom draw a cone shape and a few hairs. Apply green color on leaves and white color in the rest of the part. Give a light shade of grey as an inner coating.

Strawberry Drawing & Coloring School Project


Make a heart shape and at the top center draw leaves with a small branch-like image. In the body part of the strawberry draw seed-like structures. Finally paint it with red, green, and yellow colors for the body part, leaves, and seed structure respectively. The things needed are paper, pencil, eraser and colored pencils.

Vegetables Coloring & Drawing Projects For Kids


Once again six images in one paper. This image replaces brinjal and corn with sugarcane. Assign this drawing task to kids age 6 or above. This is the basic step of making your kid draw by assigning easier diagrams. Give a positive comment however their diagram is. Fineness can be brought after n number of practices.

Colorful Vegetables to Draw

Look at these cute and pretty vegetables of different colors. These are six unique vegetables as shown in the picture above – Red Chilly, Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Peas, Mushroom, and Brinjal. All these vegetables are unique with their specialties. Each vegetable is of a different shade and taste. And, accordingly are grown in different climates, places, and seasons.

Tasty Fruit Drawings

Do You know what is the most exciting part of summer? It is its tasty and fresh fruits which are grown in that season.  The picture above shows different types of fruits that are usually liked by children. These are – Cherry, Lemon, Grapes, Orange, Watermelon, and Banana. The amusing colors of fruits attract children the most and that is the most important factor of fruits. Pick your favorite fruit and start doodling.

Combo of Fruits & Vegetable Drawings

One of the most exciting parts of doodling is – you get to know your inner self. These fruits and vegetables are very easy to draw and color. Six different pictures with six different observations. Unique color, texture, and shapes will help children grow, their creativity and knowledge. Go and grab your sketch pens, colors and start doodling. Have a lot of fun while doing this.

Let’s drawing some vegies

The last picture of the drawing series – which includes vegetables. The easiest way to draw is to observe what the picture depicts. As shown in the picture above, six different vegetables are of different colors. Pick any one of them and start drawing with your imagination. Go step by step and learn the art of creativity.

An Apple And A Mouse

An Apple and A Mouse

In the above sketch, a large red apple is depicted that is kept on a table. Children can sometimes leave things here and there and are not bothered to keep things decently in an arranged manner. We can see that a mouse is approaching the apple, and if it bites that apple it becomes contaminated with the bacteria that the mouse has on its mouth, and upon eating the same apple, if not noticed, can cause harmful and fatal diseases. The motive of the drawing is: precaution is better than cure. The goal is to teach our children to be responsible for the things around them. Let your child sketch the above drawing and absorb the learnings that it provides.

A Healthy And Juicy Bok Choy

A Healthy And Juicy Bok Choy

Kids generally avoid green vegetables, and that’s a problem in every house, we are still trying to figure out how to convince them into eating green vegetables. Rather, can’t we convince them to at least draw a leafy thing for us? Consider this sketch, it is called Bok Choy, a type of cabbage used as food in China. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, and K, and it also provides some amount of vitamin B6 and calcium. It might be difficult for your child to eat this vegetable, but let’s motivate him to draw. There are nice green leaves on it and thick, juicy, and crunchy stems. It’s a simple diagrammatic representation of the vegetables which should be an easy task for children.

A Basket Full of Veggies

A Basket Full of Veggies.

We want our children to eat as many vegetables as they could and we want them to love veggies, as they are healthy and nutritious. We can see so many vegetables in the above sketch, ranging from red capsicum to fibrous corns and juicy tomatoes. Oh! A carrot, broccoli, and bottle gourd are also drawn, they are the most beneficial vegetables on a dinner table. Let your kid try to make some of these vegetables, and learn the benefits of eating them as well. An experiment can be done to convince them to eat these vegetables as well.

Whole Eaten Green Apple.

Whole Eaten Green Apple.

This sketch is a simple depiction of an apple that is eaten. The sketch requires great motor skills which a child should possess, they can develop good motor and sensory skills by practicing the above sketch a couple of times. As the diagram requires drawing too many curve lines to accurately show that an apple is eaten, the child requires focus and concentration while drawing. After a couple of tries, the kid could get better to draw and implement beautiful sketches. The skills could also be applied to other activities as well. This activity is suitable for kids of age 4 and above.

A Super Beet Root

A Super Beet Root

Beetroot is often considered a superfood because of its various health benefits. The vegetable might appear like an ugly small monster to kids. Beetroots are beneficial in curing heart diseases, preventing hair loss, eating beet-root daily can normalize high blood pressure, helps fight against cancer cells. A beet-root could be eaten raw in a salad or can be boiled or roasted. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and has less than 1% fats. The sketch is suitable for age groups 4 and above. Apart from drawing, we should also emphasize children to eat vegetables.

If we have known some facts before we learn in the classroom it will be good and I felt that in my school days. Though I felt sleepy in the classroom I’ll be active after I’m hearing the lessons or subject knowledge which I know already. So one of the ways you can make your kid active in schools is by teaching in a fun way like this in your home. Comment below as to what fruits and vegetables you like and how well your kid’s drawing came also your encouragement to them.

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